GA T2: Anti-littering cross-border cooperation and cross-sectoral partnership for protection of rivers, raising public awareness and environmental education.


The main goal of this GA is to help to reduce river pollution in rural areas of Georgia, Armenia, Moldova and Romania, raise public awareness and Environmental Education using different methods. One of the main project approaches is the development of cross-border cooperation between countries participating in this project, and cross-sectoral partnership between Local Authorities, NGOs, private sector, educational and academic institutions and mass media.


This GA envisages the implementation of the following activities:


Activity A.T2.1. Anti-littering education program regarding river and marine litter problems and 3R principle of waste management for target groups in Georgia, Armenia, Moldova and Romania.


Activity A.T2.2. The information campaign for raising public awareness of  environmental protection, river and marine litter problems, waste management 3R principle in the selected municipalities  of Georgia, Armenia,  Moldova and Romania.


Activity A.T2.3. Clean-up events and other environmental activities in the rural communities in Georgia, Armenia, Moldova and Romania.


Activity A.T2.4. Art activities for Environment and rivers protection from littering.


Activity A.T2.5. Cross-sectoral partnership for development local strategic plans  on Environmental protection and Waste Management for rural municipalities in Georgia and Armenia.


Activity A.T2.6. Cross- boundary  cooperation for the clean rivers and the introduction of recycling in rural areas of Georgia, Armenia, Moldova and Romania.