GA T1: The promotion of best practices of 3R principle of waste management in the selected rural communities of Georgia, Armenia and Moldova


GA T1 is aimed at promoting the implementation of 3R Principle of waste management in rural areas of Georgia, Armenia and Moldova, based on the EU experience. In particular, the project activities in Georgia will be implemented in the Tskaltubo and Khoni municipalities, which include the rural communities. The territories of Tskaltubo and Khoni municipalities are located on the Rioni river Basin, where there is an abundance of small rivers. River litter is of high relevance for these rural communities.


Project activities in Armenia will be implemented in the Vanadzor and Dilijan municipalities, where waste contamination is also relevant. Armenia, as is known, is facing new challenges, including regarding waste management and introduction of waste separation/recycling.


In Moldova, project activities will be implemented by the rural communities of Ungheni district. It is known that the city of  Ungheni has the exemplary success of plastic and paper separation, which is not the case in settlement of the Ungheni district itself, where the introduction of waste separation remains a key challenge.