Trainings for target groupsTraining-seminars for representatives of local authorities and waste management services of Kutaisi, Ungheni and Ararat were conducted. These training-seminars were aimed at transfer of knowledge about modern waste management approaches and European Union policies and practices in this field. These training-seminars considered the following issues:

  • European Union directives in the field of waste management;
  • Romanian experience in integrated waste management;
  • Waste management hierarchy;
  • Modern landfills;
  • Waste recycling and composting; and
  • Local waste management legislation and existing challenges.

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Trainings for massmediaTraining-seminars on waste management modern methods and the European Union experience were held for mass media representatives. Three training-seminars for 75 people were held in Georgia, Moldova and Armenia. The training-seminars participants were mostly the representatives of local TV companies, newspapers and radio.


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CountryDate heldVenueNumber of participants

Trainings for NGOsTraining-seminars were conducted in all participant cities for representatives of NGOs. On 18 June 2014, the training-seminar was conducted in Ararat for NGO representatives. The number of participants was 33 people in all.

On 25 June 2014 the training-seminar was conducted in Kutaisi. The training-seminar was attended by representatives of NGOs in Kutaisi. The number of participants was 30 people in all.

As a result of conducted trainings, 75 representatives of local NGOs from selected cities were informed about the modern practice of waste management, knowledge and abilities of waste selective collection, and environment protection development.

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