Study tour for Armenian participants to Kutaisi (Georgia) to learn the experience of organic waste composting, 29.11.2013

Study tour in Kutaisi_29.11.2013For the purpose of learning the experience in organic waste composting, the study tour to Kutaisi was organized for representatives of Ararat on 29 November 2013. The study tour included conduction of training-seminars and site visits.


Study-tour on waste composting for Armenian partners



10.00-12.00 Site visits
Learning the practical experience in waste composting. Farming enterprises (Samtredia, Djikhaishi).
Acquaintance with waste composting process in Kutaisi public school #17.
12.00-16.00 Workshop on composting
What is waste composting? The advantages of composting.
Composting equipment.
Composting materials.
Conditions required for composting. Problem avoidance.

The study tour brought together five representatives from Ararat, including three from Ararat Municipality (Partner 2) and two from NGO Environmental Survival (Partner 6).

The participants of study tour from Armenia:

  • Haikanush Hovanisyan (Ararat Municipality, Armenia)
  • Mariam Barsegyan (Ararat Municipality, Armenia)
  • Karine Manukyan (school #3, Ararat, Armenia)
  • Dshkhuhi Sahakyan (Environmental Survival, Armenia)
  • Armine Hairapetyan (Environmental Survival, Armenia)

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