Waste Management Action Plans for selected citiesWithin the Project, waste management action plans were developed for all selected cities. The waste management strategy determination plays an important part in waste management improvement, and introducing its modern methods will be included in the waste management action plans.

The Project envisages carrying out of the mentioned activity in the second year, but development of the plan for Kutaisi was started in April 2014.

In the process of developing the Waste Management Action Plan for Kutaisi, recommendations developed by the Partner # 3 Eco-Counselling  Centre GALATI, Romania were used, as well as the methodology described in the Waste Management Guidelines.

The stakeholders group has been created in Kutaisi, which involves 37 members. Four meetings of the stakeholders group were held in all. As a result of the mentioned task meetings, waste management-related problems existing in Kutaisi were identified and determined the strategic goals. In particular, the following priorities were formulated:

  • Increasing efficiency of municipal waste collection and disposal
  • Introducing waste management modern methods
  • Ensuring waste disposal in compliance with modern standards
  • Increasing environmental awareness in the population

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