Waste composting in Ararat (Armenia)

Waste composting in Ararat (Armenia)Through a process of consultations with stakeholders, the School N3 in Ararat was selected as a pilot school, in whose territory this composting site is organized. The composting equipment represents a construction made of 2m x1m x1m wooden boards.

It should be noted that the school, together with Armenian participants of the project team, maintained and operated the compost pit. Members of the community of Ararat had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with waste composting processes. Within 6-8 months, the final product, compost, would be used as a fertilizer on the school territory, where the green plants and flowers are growing.


  • Organized 1 compost site.
  • The population of Ararat was practically familiarized with the waste composting method that will foster even more active application of composting not only in Ararat, but in other regions of Armenia as well.

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